Krauthammer: ‘The cynicism of the campaign of this administration is astonishing’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said the importance of the looming sequester cuts is being overblown.

“Cutting is always attractive in the abstract, but in the detail it rarely is, because there are constituencies who get affected if you have cuts,” Krauthammer said. “But the cynicism of the campaign of this administration is astonishing. … What we’re talking about here is two cents on the dollar. Every dollar the government spends on today, 35 cents is borrowed from the Chinese and others. What is going on here is ending up in a position where we borrow not 35, but 33 cents, and that is going to bring Armageddon.”

Krauthammer said it is telling that the administration is reacting to the sequester so nervously. and pointed to a comment by Washington health-care lobbyist Emily Holubowich in Sunday’s Washington Post.

“An example of the cynicism of this campaign is one lobbyist for liberal causes … told The Washington Post the following: ‘The worst case scenario is the sequester hits and nothing really bad happens.’ Think of the cynicism of that. ‘The worst case scenario is that the government makes a small, minuscule cut in spending on the way to beginning of a journey of recovery into fiscal health, and that it doesn’t hurt us. We actually come out of it alive’ — that to them is the worst case. It means, think of how they are weighing the national interest, which needs cut in spending and these parochial special interests.”

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