Hide yo kids, Lindsay Lohan becoming a mentor to underprivileged girls

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In a truly stunning turn of events, the perpetual mess Lindsay Lohan has reportedly decided to give back — and we’re not referring to the handcuffs she got when arrested a few months back.

The quasi-actress, full-time party girl, loathed by all mothers around the country, is becoming a mentor to underprivileged girls in Atlanta. Yikes, they must have been desperate.

“Lindsay will be a possible mentor to these young girls for a day to uplift them and let them know she too has struggled and overcome so much adversity in life,” the founder of the Baby & I Foundation where Lohan will be volunteering said to omg!.

Ah yes, so much adversity. It’s almost like she had no self control after the first, or second, DUI. She was just dropped in this situation and had to combat so many (self-inflected) obstacles, like showing up to court on time.

This announcement means that Lohan may have a full schedule coming up, as earlier reports say that she finally got a job, acting as Charlie Sheen’s love interest on his sitcom “Anger Management.”

Lohan’s lawyer hopes the move will help her with her image problem — God knows she needs it.

He has asked the judge to slow track her pending trail, where she plead not guilty to a hit a run (how one does that is still beyond me) as Lindsay is “pursing and participating in certain activities, which will benefit her and afford her more of an opportunity to be a productive and responsible person and contributor to society,” her lawyer said.

The future of America looks just a little brighter today, now that such a great role model like Lindsay Lohan is helping young girls achieve their dreams.

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