The vexing case of Drudge’s Chris Christie photos [SLIDESHOW]

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In “Three Days of the Condor,” a Robert Redford flick (based on a harrowingly mediocre book called “Six Days of the Condor“), a CIA employee sits around in a clandestine office reading mystery and spy novels in the hopes of decoding possible enemy secrets.

Sound implausible? Of course it does. It’s patently ridiculous.

But consider this: the inestimable blogger Ann Althouse has observed that Internet icon Matt Drudge frequently seems to promote a theme or send some kind of message by way of the headlines and the handful of images on his website. Sometimes, that message is pretty obvious. Other times, it’s more subtle and undefined.

Over the course of the last several months, Drudge has published a number of different photos of Chris Christie. He could be trying to send some cryptic message about the New Jersey governor through the photos he has chosen. But what is it?

We welcome your input.

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