Ultimate prepster John Kerry plugs Vineyard Vines in Germany

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Secretary of State John Kerry has gone to Berlin to regale young Germans with stories of his youth abroad.

More importantly, he took the opportunity to plug the ultimate prepster clothing line of New England, Vineyard Vines, a Massachusetts-based company.

After someone in the crowd complimented his pink tie, “Kerry extolled the sartorial virtues of Vineyard Vines, a Connecticut purveyor of – in its own description – ‘preppy’ clothes that has a pink whale for a logo,” according to the Associated Press.

Kerry, who went to an upscale boarding school and stores his yacht in a New Hampshire harbor, swore that he doesn’t own any stock in the company, but that he just really, really likes polos with whales embroidered and the classic “Nantucket red” pants favored by the New England preppie elite.

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