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Juan Williams on Benghazi: ‘It deserved news attention’ [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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As part of his in-depth interview with The Daily Caller, Fox News contributor Juan Williams discussed the Benghazi controversy, saying, “To my mind, there is no getting away from the idea that it was a critical story and one that deserved news attention.”

In his role as a political analyst on Fox News, Williams was well placed to see the story unfolding.

“In my world, Benghazi got covered, it [Benghazi] was the talk, it was a sensation,” Williams told TheDC. “There is no question that at Fox, we covered Benghazi.”

Speaking about why other media organizations didn’t cover it as thoroughly, Williams said that as the issue began to become politicized as an attack on President Barack Obama’s foreign policy credentials, liberal-leaning news outlets began to cover the story less and less.

“For many people, it was seen as a political attack,” Williams told TheDC, “and that helped to then justify in the minds of a lot of the mainstream media that, ‘You know what — this is all about politics; it’s not about the actuality of what took place.'”

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