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With friends like these, Breitbart didn’t need enemies

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Andrew Breitbart died a year ago today, and many of his friends and colleagues are taking a moment to remember him. For example, there’s this touching remembrance from Jason Weisberger, publisher of Boing Boing:

A year ago I lost a friend. On March 1st, 2012 Andrew Breitbart died but every day, I still see both his personal and mobile IM accounts online. They serve as a sad reminder of the loss of a man I will always remember as kind. I gather his IM accounts are still online so they can continue his horrible project of wrecking America.

Andrew and I were friends. Last year when he passed away, I am ashamed to admit, I was afraid to write anything or to share how sad it was to lose such a good guy who cared so passionately about his friends. I was afraid because his life’s work was monstrous.

Isn’t that heartwarming? “I turned my back on my friend when he died, because I was afraid of being attacked for fraternizing with a monster.”

After noting how Breitbart went out of his way to help him personally, Weisberger adds:

I hated what he was doing to our country. I miss his friendship.

He doesn’t elaborate on what Breitbart was “doing to our country,” how he was “wrecking America,” or why it was so “monstrous.” I guess Boing Boing readers are supposed to know already.

If there’s anybody on the left who considers me a friend even though I dare to disagree with you, please do me a favor: When I die, don’t eulogize me. Just keep it to yourself. Or if you must, at least be honest about it. Don’t dig up my grave, roll me over, and plant a knife in my back while saying, “Miss ya, pal!”

Can you manage that, “buddy”? Thanks in advance, “friend.”

P.S. I guess what really irks me about this is that even when leftists get everything they want, they can’t stop demonizing those who don’t want it. They can’t help themselves, even when eulogizing someone they claim was a friend. It’s revolting.

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