Politico second-guesses itself in calling Ashley Judd speech ‘bizarre’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Actress, liberal activist and potential Senate candidate Ashley Judd spoke yesterday on women’s health at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. — and it was all very strange, at least for a few hours.

The news website Politico on Friday evening called Judd’s speech “poignant” and “bizarre,” noting that at one point, Judd paused and admitted to her fawning audience that she had been sending “eye-kisses” to her mother. In the speech, Judd also insisted that her dog was on a hunger strike, and claimed that the University of Kentucky has the oldest student-run daily newspaper in the country — before acknowledging that she might be “making that up” and urging the audience to “just go with it.” (RELATED: Judd’s biggest problem: Her history of bizarre comments)

View Politico’s original headline, which called the speech “bizarre”:

Judd also discussed more serious fare, including her struggles with God and experiences as a three-time rape survivor. (RELATED: Citing baggage, Kentucky politicians not excited about Judd run)

Apparently, sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning, the Virginia-based Politico decided it was unfair to describe the speech as “bizarre,” and revised the headline above the story to read simply, “Ashley Judd gives poignant talk at D.C. forum.”

View the revised headline:

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