Is this the most damaging fact about Ashley Judd’s past?

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Actress Ashley Judd is reportedly ramping up political and financial support to challenge Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his Kentucky seat in 2014.

Although her candidacy is not yet official, the media stories about her past have already begun. (RELATED: Ashley Judd, potential U.S. Senate candidate, sure has done a lot of on-screen nudity)

But could this one little-known yet damaging fact about her past ruin any chance at a United States Senate seat she may have?

In her 2011 memoir “All That is Bitter and Sweet,” Judd writes that she dated singer “no-talent ass clown” Michael Bolton for six weeks. Yes, that Michael Bolton.

Judd writes that even though the two dated for a short time, she said the singer “made a poignant impression on my life.” She probably shouldn’t have admitted that. BUT SHE DID.

This unfathomable truth could just be the nail in Judd’s potential Senate coffin.

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