Nervous BBC radio interviewer talks to Mila Kunis about everything except her movie [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Mila Kunis appeared on UK’s Radio 1 over the weekend to promote her role in “Oz the Great and Powerful” with interviewer Chris Stark.

However, instead of promoting the film, the actress talked candidly to the “petrified” interviewer about British football and her favorite type of beer (Blue Moon).

The two also discuss a drink Stark and his friends — Sir Dosser, the Convict and Dicko — invented that they call “lad bombs,” a shot of Jagermeister into a double vodka and Red Bull. Kunis rightfully calls it “the worst drink ever.”

Kunis eventually runs through a few plot points of the film she is meant to promote, but the interview is far more interesting than most press junkets.

Stark’s nerves seemed to have calmed by the end of the interview, since he tried to score a date with her to his friend’s wedding in June.


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