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The White House still hasn’t responded to the petition to keep the First Family safe from guns by banning the Secret Service

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This one:

Gun-control advocates, such as the Obama adminstration, insist that guns themselves are the problem, not the people behind the guns. They scoff at the idea that guns protect people. According to them, more guns = more gun crimes.

If that’s the case, how can we allow President Barack Obama and his family to be surrounded by guns? What if one of those guns goes off and hurts or kills someone? Why do you hate children?

If it’s ridiculous to even float the idea of getting rid of the Secret Service, then somebody needs to explain why ordinary people don’t have the same right to defend themselves.

I just looked on petitions.whitehouse.gov, and there’s still no response. The deadline was 7 weeks ago today, and the petition had more than enough signatures. (They’ve since raised the required number from 25,000 to 100,000, but that doesn’t apply to petitions that already existed.)

How long does it usually take them to respond? I guess it’s tough to come up with a response that doesn’t negate their entire argument for gun control. Whoops, sorry: gun “safety.”