Did Kate Middleton almost accidentally reveal sex of royal fetus? [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Did the Duchess of Cambridge/ soon-to-be Queen of the World accidentally reveal the sacred sex of the royal fetus? Maybe, maybe not.

During a public appearance Tuesday in Grimsby (isn’t that the most English-sounding town you’ve ever heard?), onlookers lined up to hand Middleton flowers and well-wishes on her pregnancy.

When one woman handed her a teddy bear, Sky News caught Middleton on camera saying “Oh, is this is for our d—” before stopping mid-sentence. The woman in the crowd asked, “Did you just say ‘our daughter’?” to which Middleton replied, “No my, oh my. Ahh, no, no, no. We don’t know, so…”

Middleton could have been about to say “our daughter” or perhaps she was about to say “our Daniel” or “David” if the royal couple have named their unborn son already. She could have also been about to say “this is for our dog,” but then realized that it would probably be pretty rude to tell a nice older lady that she was giving her crappy teddy bear gift to their dog as a play toy.

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