Student’s Twitter outburst aimed at teacher goes viral

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Here is probably the most amusing still photograph of a classroom projector screen you are likely to see all week.

The alleged back story concerning the photo is a bit long-winded, as The Daily Dot explains.

A student used Twitter to gripe that his teacher, Mr. Torrence, had unfairly scheduled a test for Wednesday but instead held the test on Tuesday.

“I hate you, Mr. Torrence,” the unnamed student tweeted. “You said the test was in (sic) Wednesday, so give it to us on Wednesday, not Tuesday. #YouNeedACalendar #ScrewYou.”

In addition to the fairly forgivable grammar error, the student made a couple critical mistakes. First, according to The Daily Dot, the test was, in fact, on Tuesday. Second, he decided to issue his complaint in the form of a public tweet.

Well, young man, the internet is forever. And Mr. Torrence is apparently a pretty social media-savvy teacher (or, at least, he has social-media savvy friends). He saw the tweet and decided to show it to the whole class.

Then, as Digital Spy reports, an anonymous kid in the class decided to take a picture of the projector screen and show it to the whole world via Reddit.

The Reddit caption read: “A kid in my class tweeted about a test we had. Here was our teacher’s background today.”

The Daily Dot notes that the unidentified student who gave the world the photo on Reddit promised that Mr. Torrence is a good-hearted teacher with a decent sense of humor.

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