TheDC Morning: Idiotic professor forces students to lobby for idiocy

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) Idiotic professor forces students to lobby for idiocy — Welcome to modern academia. The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Robby Soave reports:

“If students want to pass John Banzhaf’s law class, they’ll have to fight for increased government regulation in the food and beverages industry. Banzhaf, a law professor at George Washington University, will require his students to lobby state and local governments to ban sugary beverages, according to a press release. The release was put out by Banzhaf himself, who summarized the objective as ‘Undergrads Required to Lobby for Obama Policy.’ ‘Some 200 undergrads will be asked to contact legislators in their home cities, counties, or states asking them to adopt legislation similar to that already adopted in New York City … banning restaurants, delis, movie theaters and many other businesses from selling high-sugar drinks in cups or containers larger than 16 ounces,’ said the press release.”

There are radical Pakistani madrassas that are more intellectually open than Professor Banzhaf’s class sounds.

2.) No more Chu for you If confirmed, President Obama’s nominee to replace Steven Chu as Energy secretary will take over a department mired in controversy, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Michael Bastasch reports:

“President Obama has nominated physicist Ernest Moniz to replace former Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. If confirmed, Moniz will be the head of a department that has been the center of a green energy loan controversy that has drawn criticisms for its high profile failures and allegations of cronyism. During former Secretary Chu’s tenure, the Energy Department became been the subject of controversy over green energy loan guarantees which critics say were handed out to companies based on political considerations rather than economic ones. ‘The green energy loan program was essentially a recycling program designed to send taxpayer dollars to the administrations financial supporters,’ Peter Schweizer, author and Hoover Institution research fellow, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.”

BAD JOKE ALERT!!! During his confirmation hearing, Moniz will surely get questions that will turn him from green to blue.

3.) Robert Reich enters Crazyville  — Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich is trying his hand at weaving conspiracy theories. The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Robbie Soave reports:

“Members of the tea party are engaged in a conspiracy to destroy the U.S. government and make Americans fearful and angry toward one another, according UC-Berkeley professor Robert Reich. …’Imagine a plot to undermine the government of the United States, to destroy much of its capacity to do the public’s business, and to sow distrust among the population,’ wrote Reich, referring to the motivations of the tea party phenomenon. … ‘A conspiracy theorist might think they welcome more joblessness because they want Americans to be even more fearful and angry,’ he wrote.”

4.) World’s best restaurant review, take 2 — America’s favorite restaurant reviewer returned to the restaurant that made her famous. Unsurprisingly, magic ensued. TheDC’s Taylor Bigler reports:

“One year after her original review of the Grand Forks, N.D. Olive Garden went viral, Marilyn Hagerty — the most famous food critic since Anthony Bourdain — is not very pleased by how things have turned out for the chain. Hagerty, who once called the newly opened Olive Garden ‘the largest and most beautiful restaurant now operating in Grand Forks,’ now writes that the food is ‘predictable’ and that she could barely hear the waiter rattle off his ‘spiel’ during the dinner rush.”

5.) Tweet of Yesterday — Ann Coulter: Dennis Rodman reports that Kim Jong Un wants Obama to call him. He also said he wants a phone.

6.) Today in North Korean News — “Korean Women Praised as Happiest in World”

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