Jeb Bush applauds Obama for outreach to GOP, not sure if he’ll ‘run for elected office again’ [VIDEO]

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While making the rounds on the Sunday shows, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that President Barack Obama was right to reach out to Republicans to resolve the ongoing budget crisis, but downplayed the suggestion he’s up for running for the high office himself.

“I don’t know what he’s doing, but I would encourage him to do more of it,” Bush said. “It’s important to build trust if you’re trying to deal with the big things. Big issues require everybody to get outside their comfort zone. … And the only way you can do that is to engage them on a personal level. … I think it’s important and I applaud the president for doing it. And I think Republicans appreciate it.”

As for his future political ambitions, Bush — who was on the Sunday shows to promote the book he co-authored with Clint Rolick, “Immigration Wars” — was noncommittal on running for president in 2016, telling Crowley he isn’t sure if he’d run for any elected office again.

“Nothing has changed. When you asked me before 2012, was I going to run in 2012, and I said no,” Bush said. “I went through the process and decided it wasn’t appropriate. Now, I’ve decided to defer any consideration of it until the proper time to make those kinds of considerations, which is out, you know, more than a year from now, for sure. And when I go through that process, I’ll let you know.”

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