Krauthammer: Of all issues, Rand Paul’s drone concern ‘most ridiculous and absurd’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On this weekend’s broadcast of the syndicated “Inside Washington” television program, conservative Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer blasted Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul’s recent filibuster and mocked the idea of a drone attack on United States soil.

“Well look, I am grateful he raised this issue, because I think we have reached a point in the country where we are sick and tired of the way the administration is going around blowing people to kingdom come while sitting in their living rooms because of a suspicion  — I’m talking about Americans,” Krauthammer said. “Just last week, my neighbor was blown away during a chicken barbecue by his pool.”

“Look, of all of the issues that we are looking at in the country — insolvency, war in North Africa, Iran going nuclear — this is the most ridiculous and absurd,” Krauthammer continued. “The problem was that the president’s attorney general stumbled around and didn’t know how to answer a question. It is not a serious issue. There is no conceivable circumstance under which the president would use a drone in the United States, absent a civil war like we had in the 1860s or an invasion of al-Qaida from Saskatchewan.”

According to Krauthammer, Republicans like Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain are pushing back against Paul’s obfuscation of the real issue at hand. (RELATED VIDEO: McCain says response to his attacks on Rand Paul has been hypocritical)

“But the real issue — and the reason McCain is upset with all of this — is that this is a way to get into the issue,” he added. “Rand Paul’s opposition largely has to do with drone attacks overseas, and that is what McCain wants to protect, and what Rand Paul ultimately wants to undermine. But he cleverly chose an issue on which everybody agrees.”

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