Are Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boobs worth $5 million? [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Jennifer Love Hewitt thinks her boobs are worth being insured for $5 million — specifically, $2.5 million per breast.

The actress — who is frequently half-naked on her Lifetime series “The Client List” — told USA Today that her best assets should be insured for millions of dollars. (RELATED SLIDESHOW: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s cleavage: A history)

“I need, like, an insurance invitation. If somebody was like, ‘Hey, you know what? We would like to insure your boobs for $2.5 million,’ I’d be like, ‘Do it. Love it! Why not?'”, she said, pointing to her chest. “”Yeah, these things right here are worth $5 million!”

On the series, Hewitt plays a masseuse who gives happy endings to her customers. Her wardrobe consists mostly skimpy lingerie and her boobs are quite a focal point of the series, perhaps more so than the actress herself. They are definitely the only reason any male watches the show, voluntarily or otherwise.

Hewitt’s cleavage has had quite the following ever since she turned 18 when she was on “Party of Five.”


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