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Congressman: ‘We are going from catastrophe to catastrophe, and that’s really how this President operates’ [VIDEO]

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Oklahoma freshman Rep. Jim Bridenstine told The Daily Caller that he hasn’t witnessed normal congressional procedure since he took office in January.

“I’ve been here a month and a half, so, interestingly, I have not seen regular order since I’ve been here,” Bridestine told TheDC’s Ginni Thomas. “Everything is an emergency. Whether it’s raising the debt limit, which we did, which I voted against; whether it’s emergency relief for the Hurricane Sandy victims; whether its the National Flood Insurance Program; whether its the Violence Against Women Act. No matter what it is we are voting on, there is no regular order, there is no committee process that I have seen whereby these bills come up. The Senate passes it and we bring it to the floor and vote on it. Getting back to regular order is what we need to do.”

“As a freshman, I’d like to see how regular order works, instead of making everything an emergency that has to be voted on right now” he added. “It seems like we are going from catastrophe to catastrophe, and that’s really how this president operates.”

See the rest of Bridenstine’s interview all this week on TheDC, and catch up on any of the parts you missed here:

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