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Congressman can’t answer “Why aren’t you pro-choice for self-defense for women?”

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear

Yesterday Jim Moran, a congressman whose district encompasses Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia held a community forum entitled “Preventing Another Newtown: A Conversation on Gun Violence in America.”

During the course of the two hour event the Congressman encountered a question that elicited cheers from the attendees, but Moran chose to ignore.

Celia Bigelow, a 23 year old AR-15 owner and conservative activist, asked Moran “Why aren’t you pro-choice for self-defense for women?”


Following the question the crowd erupted in cheers and Bigelow dug deeper with her line of questioning. “Why do male politicians like to stand from their ivory towers and like to tell women how they should defend themselves?”

“For example, why don’t you guys listen to the young rape victims in Colorado when they said that if they had a gun they could have prevented their attacker?”

“Why do you keep trying to legislate women into being victims? That is all I want to know.”

Representative Moran, a devout proponent of gun control, refused to acknowledge and respond to Bigelow’s question by saying “On to the next question. Let the gentleman now speak.”

When asked by Bigelow why he refused to answer the question Moran’s only comment was “I’m choosing to move to the next question.”