George Soros claims ex-girlfriend threw a lamp at him

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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Liberal activist and billionaire George Soros filed a lawsuit Monday night against his former mistress Adriana Ferreyr, claiming she threw a lamp at him.

The New York Post reported Tuesday that Soros is suing the Brazilian soap opera actress for defamation — for lying about Soros striking her — and assault.

Soros insists the only violence that took place was when Ferryer threw the glass light at him after he told her that he gave the $2 million New York City apartment he had allegedly promised her to another woman.

Soros, then-80, and Ferryr, then-27, were lying in bed in 2010 when he revealed the news.

“Ferreyr became enraged, picked up a nearby lamp that was made partly of glass, and knowingly, intentionally, and willfully attempted to strike Soros with it,” Soros’ suit claims, according to the Post. “The lamp struck Soros’ forearm, then fell to the floor and broke . . . Soros did not hit Ferreyr . . . Ferreyr stood up and cut her foot on one or more of the shards of glass.”

According to court documents, Ferryr told police after they arrived on scene that “Soros with an open hand smacked her on the right side of face.”

Soros’ attorneys insist that allegation was wrong and defamatory.

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