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Prominent religious group praises new savior

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No, not Catholics, silly. Of course I’m talking about the American left, who are swooning over the guy who surreptitiously recorded Mitt Romney saying that “47%” stuff. Until now the fellow has been anonymous, but he’s getting ready to reveal his identity later today.

Check out the lead paragraph of one of the stories about the dude, and see if you can guess where it came from:

The bartender who put himself at risk to do his civic duty by exposing Mitt Romney’s damning “47 percent” speech had found himself compelled by a similar heroic impulse seven years earlier.

By the way, the “similar heroic impulse” of this “risk-taker” was… saving a woman from drowning. That’s the comparison they’re making. This time the guy helped hold America’s head underwater, but whatever.

Romney once saved a whole family from drowning, but that was different because BIG BIRD BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN SHUT UP.

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Jim Treacher