Gus Johnson reminds world that March Madness is upon us [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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“Selection Sunday” may still be a few days away, but March Madness has officially begun with famed announcer Gus Johnson doing his best Gus Johnson imitation.

According to natural laws that exist annually between mid-March and early April, every college basketball game in that time frame MUST end in dramatic fashion, preferably via buzzer beater.

It helps if the announcer of these games offer incredibly exuberant, overblown reactions.

Enter Gus Johnson.

Johnson has gained fame in the last several NCAA Tournaments for his dynamic, animated calls at the end of games.

He struck again during the dramatic conclusion of today’s first Big Ten Tournament game between Illinois and Minnesota.

The call features everything synonymous with a Gus Johnson end-of-game play call: overly dramatic second-by-second updates of the play, palpable anticipation of the most exciting ending possible, and sounding completely overwhelmed at the end result.

He even adds a little voice crack midway through telling viewers that Illinois guard Brandon Paul was shooting a 15-footer.


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