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“Thank you for the lecture” on the Constitution, says unknown senator to Ted Cruz

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Dianne Feinstein is right about one thing: the gun-grabbers in Congress aren’t six-graders. They’re kindergarteners.

Courtesy of The Blaze, here’s someone who got caught on a hot mic saying, “Thank you for the lecture,” as Cruz is bothering his colleagues with the Constitution:

(Incidentally, does Al Franken ever not smirk?)

And here’s the same voice saying, “I’m tired of these condescending…”

The Blaze speculates that it’s Patrick Leahy. I wonder if he’ll deny it? I guess it’s okay to be racist against Hispanics who don’t know their place, eh, whitey?

In other Don’t You Know Who I Am? news, Dianne Feinstein is now whining that she felt “patronized” by Cruz. Awwwwwwwww.

A Senate seat is not a lifetime position — or at least it shouldn’t be — and senators are not royalty. They swore an oath to defend the Constitution, and if they don’t like being reminded of that fact, too bad.

Hope that helps.