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Check out the Department of Defense’s bizarre “bystander intervention” training video

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I hope the sequester doesn’t deprive us of more videos like this, from the DoD’s Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI). Otherwise, how will anybody know what to feel about the Kitty Genovese murder and what it tells us about today’s society?


Your tax dollars at work. (Note that they did save some money by using Comic Sans.) Let that be a lesson to you: If you see a white guy yelling at a brown person, or passed out drunk on the sidewalk, carefully use humor. Also, Kitty Genovese or something.

Courtesy of David Stein, who notes:

The exploitation of the Genovese rape and murder for ideological purposes is vile. And the idea that any of the nine points provided in the video could have made one bit of difference in the Genovese case is pathetic. Genovese’s killer, a 29-year-old serial-rapist and murderer named Winston Moseley, told police that he loved killing people, and that he chose women because “they were easier and didn’t fight back…”

That the Department of Defense would invoke the Genovese case to illustrate these “nine points” is probably one of the most grotesque and insulting misuses of taxpayer money I’ve ever witnessed in my 44 years. The ultimate irony is that the Genovese case illustrates the exact opposite of what the DoD (and, by extension, the Obama Administration) is trying force on the public. Moseley specifically told police that he chose female victims because they “didn’t fight back.” The Genovese case illustrates the importance of fighting back, not using “progressive” non-violent hippie-bullcrap. The Genovese case illustrates the importance of being armed, and the value of concealed-carry for women.

Yeah, but what you have to keep in mind is shut up.

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