Mark Levin: Joe Scarborough ‘a rambling, marbled-mouth buffoon with that ditz sitting next to you’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Radio host Mark Levin ripped Joe Scarborough Friday for the MSNBC host’s attack on freshman Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

On his Friday MSNBC program “Morning Joe,” Scarborough ranted against Cruz for questioning the constitutional merits of California Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s gun control proposals.

“I don’t mean to go on and on here, but I am so shocked that he would continue to use his seat in the judiciary committee to just mislead millions of Americans and put forward a willfully ignorant position on what the Constitution says and what it does not say,” Scarborough said.


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While Cruz himself pushed back against Scarborough’s criticism, it was Levin on his Friday night radio program who provided perhaps the most passionate counterassault. Levin first listed what he considered to be Scarborough’s past failures.

“Well, you know, ladies and gentlemen, there is a concerted effort to attack our dear friend Ted Cruz, the great senator from Texas, by all manner of miscreant malcontent lightweights,” Levin said.

“But there’s one in particular on MSLSD — one in particular. This is a man who resigned from the House of Representatives. This is a man who tried radio and failed. He went on a hiatus to put together a whole new program and he’s been on hiatus ever since. A man who wanted to work for the Fox News Channel, but they already had a janitor. A man who wanted to work the fryer at McDonald’s, but wasn’t qualified. And so they picked him up over there at MSLSD — MSLSD, a whole conga line of freaks.”

Levin, the author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” went on to question Scarborough’s legal credentials when compared to Cruz’s, which include arguing cases before the Supreme Court and filing an amicus brief on behalf of the defense as solicitor general of Texas in the landmark 2008 Second Amendment Supreme Court case,  D.C. v. Heller.

“So Joe Scarborough on a show called the ‘Morning Schmo,’ he would be the schmo — he’s attacking Ted Cruz,” Levin said.

“Now keep this in mind, the schmo doesn’t have an ounce of the intelligence of Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is one of the greatest litigators in modern times, has argued cases in front of the Supreme Court and has won cases in front of the Supreme Court — big cases. The ‘Morning Schmo,’ I think the only time he has been in a court was in a neck brace, but I’m not sure.”

Levin went on to knock Scarborough for what he called a stuttering problem and where his career has taken him.

“Who are you playing for, you big jerk?” Levin said.

“Is this what it takes to get a paycheck these days? You had to resign the House for some reason. You couldn’t make it in talk radio for obvious reasons. They wouldn’t take you over at Fox, which was good judgment. You wind up over at the eighth-tier cable station MSLSD with all the other schmucks. Didn’t take much to buy you off, did it pal? You haven’t said a damn thing that’s sensible. You haven’t told anybody what the Supreme Court case is. You haven’t told anybody what the Supreme Court held. You haven’t discussed at all how the Second Amendment came to be. You’re just a rambling, marbled-mouth buffoon with that ditz sitting next to you there. ‘Tell ‘em Joe, tell ‘em Joe. Tell ‘em.’”

Levin’s rant about Scarborough continued for the better part of the first hour of Levin’s show and can be heard here.

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