A guy dressed as a giant vagina shouts down Canadian lawmaker over abortion

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Canada is obviously absurd.

Not long ago, about 100 voters in a Carleton University Students’ Association election purposefully ruined their ballots by drawing penises on them.

Before that, a gay rights activist wrecked a newly-installed “Free Speech Wall” — also at Carleton — and then went on Canada’s version of Fox News to argue about it.

In the latest bizarre tale out of the Great White North, a minor mob of protesters that included a man dressed as a giant vagina successfully terminated a speech by an anti-abortion member of Canada’s House of Commons at the University of Waterloo.

The man who dressed in the giant vagina costume, 21-year-old art student Ethan Jackson, attends nearby Wilfrid Laurier University. He refers to his pink get-up as Vulveta, reports the National Post.

In Jackson’s view, the MP, Stephen Woodworth, was disregarding the rights of native people and speaking from an “oppressive western discourse” when he tried to lecture on human rights.

A YouTube video captures the ruckus.

Woodworth had completed approximately a third of his speech when a small mob of protesters rushed the podium. He was discussing a section of Canada’s Criminal Code that defines a child for purposes of murder.

An unnamed woman in a red dress gave Woodworth a trophy and labeled him as “Kitchener-Waterloo’s Nastiest Misogynist,” says the Post.

The woman also said it is “a mark of extremism to take disrespect of others as a virtue.”

Jackson, the giant vagina, berated Woodworth.

“Who do you think you are trying to impose your bigotry, your views on society through your Christian monotheism?” Jackson asked.

A policeman stands around with his hands on his hips, observing the action.

“We are the defenders of the c–t,” the red dress-clad woman then added, in what sounds like some sort of prepared statement. “You are threatening the freedom of all c–ts.”

“That kind of speech, that kind of facts, are not acceptable,” Jackson later told The Post. “We decided to go by the route of using satire instead of intimidation…We decided to make Stephen Woodworth feel as uncomfortable as he makes us feel.”

A University of Waterloo official, Ellen Rethore, called the actions of the protestors “unacceptable,’ according to the Post.

“Our goal is to ensure an environment of tolerance and uphold the right of individuals to advance their views openly,” she told the Toronto-based broadsheet.

She added that an investigation is underway.

Woodworth also spoke to the Post.

“I couldn’t outshout the shouters,” he said. “I’m not there to engage in a shouting match.”

He noted that he did stay until the disruption was over to chat with a few people who also stuck around.