Excited fans prank Robert Morris’s Wikipedia page

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Moments after the conclusion of Robert Morris’ instant-classic upset over Kentucky in the NIT’s opening round, there were multiple prank changes made to the Robert Morris basketball Wikipedia page.

One hack (seen above) erased the entire body of the Wiki article and wrote


Robert Morris was arrested 3/19/2013 at 10:02 PM for abusing a pack of wildcats.”

The same hack also changed the head coach line in the team’s informational sidebar on Wikipedia from Andrew Toole to “Penis (3rd Year).”

Other hacks to the article occurred,  one changing the head coaching section to “Leeroy Jenkins,” the name of a well known internet meme.

Another posted the 59-57 score of the Robert Morris-Kentucky game with an appropriately long line of “haha” following the score.

One might suggest that next time a huge upset occurs, fans be a bit kinder to the coaching section of the page, seeing as how head coach Andy Toole had just defeated the defending National Champions in the biggest sporting event in Robert Morris history.

The article was unfortunately changed back to its original content just moments after the prank changes were made.

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