Glenn Beck: US is ‘the last hope of the world when it comes to guns’ [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Wednesday radio show, Glenn Beck, pointing to a failed effort by the Cyprus government to impose a tax on bank accounts to alleviate the country’s fiscal woes, suggested that the worldwide push for stricter gun control is really something of an elaborate economic heist — not a well-meaning effort to prevent a shooting tragedy.

“The reason they are going after our guns has nothing to do with Sandy Hook,” Beck said. “It has nothing to do with keeping your children safe. It has nothing to do with any of that. It has everything to do with the largest heist in human history. The central banks and people like George Soros and everybody else — remember, George Soros made a billion dollars since last November on currency trading, meaning I’m trading in currency on which one is going to go down, which one is being devalued, which one is going to go up. That’s how they’re doing it. It’s the largest heist in human history. And when they take your money at the bank — when you can’t get your money out of the bank, they have to make sure they have all the guns.”

Beck called the United States “the last hope in the world.”

“Now this is not just the United States,” he continued. “This is happening at the U.N. level, and it is happening all over the world. If there are any guns left — we are the last hope of the world when it comes to guns. Nobody else has the Constitution. Nobody else has the freedom that we have. We’re it guys. That’s it.”

Beck went on to warn his listeners about the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which he said would allow President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats to impose gun regulations without going through the legislative process. Beck postulated that even if the Senate is unable to ratify the treaty with the necessary two-thirds majority, Obama may impose the treaty’s provisions unilaterally.

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