Obama delinquent with budgets, always on time with NCAA brackets, say Republicans

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Republicans have seized on President Barack Obama’s NCAA Tournament bracket release to point out that for the fourth time in five years the president has failed to submit a budget on time.

“It’s a shocking failure of leadership that hard-working taxpayers can see President Obama’s Final Four bracket picks, but they still can’t find the President’s budget, which is late for the fourth time in five years,” Republican Study Committee Chairman Rep. Steve Scalise said shortly after the bracket’s release. The Louisiana Republican went on to accuse the president of failing to take his job seriously.

According to Scalise, three of the states of Obama’s Final Four picks — Louisville, Florida, and Indiana — have unemployment rates higher than the national average. “The president picking their teams in the Final Four is little relief for the millions of middle-class families struggling to find work in the failed Obama economy,” Scalise asserted.

“While the President can turn in his NCAA bracket on time each year, this is his fourth budget out [of] five that is late since he took office,” House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy tweeted Wednesday, echoing remarks he made over the weekend on Meet the Press.



Tuesday, the House Republican Conference released a video reiterating the president’s failure to release a budget on time, paired with his propensity for submitting bracket picks.

“President Obama’s Bracket submissions 0 days late, President Obama’s Budget submissions 4/5 times late. Clutch with his brackets. Late with his budgets,” the video reads.

Texas Republican Rep. Pete Sessions tweeted the video out, hinting that Obama takes them more seriously than the budget.

“March Madness? When the President takes his brackets more seriously than the national budget,” Sessions tweeted Tuesday.

The Obama administration is expected to release their FY 2014 budget on April 8, more than two months late.

The president has faced criticism in years past for spending time on NCAA brackets during difficult economic times.

Obama picked the Indiana Hoosiers to go all the way this year.

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