Two students arrested for videotaped sex frolic in Florida high school library

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Sheriff’s deputies in Pasco County, Florida arrested two teens after investigating an allegedly videotaped sex romp in the media center in the Fivay High School library.

The participants were a 17-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl, reports Tampa ABC affiliate WFTS-TV. The fling occurred on a table during school hours.

“Obviously, nobody was paying attention,” one student told the station. “So it just went on.”

Except one 15-year-old boy was paying attention, and he allegedly captured the escapade for posterity. According to Gawker, the boy naturally reached for his Samsung Galaxy smartphone when he realized what was going on. He also shared the illicit footage with a female student via Bluetooth technology.

Gossip about the library liaison later spread quickly on social media. One tweeter said, “this guy will remain a legend at Fivay forever,” according to WFTS.

Even though the girl said the sex was consensual, the 17-year-old boy is now facing a charge of lewd or lascivious battery. The 15-year-old amateur pornographer is facing a charge called transmission of pornography by electronic device — a crime in Florida when minors are involved.

The 15-year-old girl apparently won’t be charged with any crime.

Law enforcement officials and the school principal are concerned that the recording could go viral.

“Having this thing go viral would have been horrendous, because what we are doing.  Being proactive, we are going to send a message to anybody involved who committed a criminal act, they are going to be arrested,” Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco told the ABC affiliate.

Sheriff’s office representatives assured WFTS that they are confident that they prevented the video from spreading virally.

School officials said they responded to the incident by sending out a letter to parents and by rearranging the library so it’s now harder to have inconspicuous sex on a table.

“Those book shelves have been moved over along the wall, so there’s nothing obstructing the view,” school district representative told the station.

The local CBS affiliate, WTSP-TV, notes that the smartphone-taped library sex incident is just the latest in a string of unsavory incidents at Fivay High School.

Last week, deputies arrested a 16-year-old student for bringing three knives to school. He told the deputies he hoped to protect himself in the event of a fight.

In January, parents protested after a science teacher used strangely violent test questions.

In December, a 16-year-old committed suicide. Friends allege that she was the victim of cyber-bullying.

“I don’t feel safe here with everything that’s happened,” ninth-grader suicide Kaylee Ashton told WTSP. “Knives, sex in the media center…what’s next?”

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