Blake Griffin tosses two alley-oops to DeAndre Jordan [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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In last night’s game against Philadelphia, Clippers forward Blake Griffin decided to stop catching alley-oops for a few minutes and start throwing them.

Turns out he might have found a second talent.

In the first of two alley-oops, both to fellow dunking big-man DeAndre Jordan, Griffin dribbled the ball up the court as two defenders, no doubt well aware of his high-flying exploits, double-teamed him.

So he opted for a perfect pass to Jordan for the dunk.

Griffin didn’t need to weave through as much traffic in the second alley-oop, merely tossing a beautiful pass to Jordan who finished with a huge jam over 76er defenders.

Perhaps Griffin was so disgusted with Clippers point guard Chris Paul’s flop (seen here) the night before that he started taking over his duties as pin-point passer and team play-maker.


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