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Obama’s appeal becomes 8% more selective

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If there’s one thing we all learned from Election 2012, it’s that The Polls Are Always Right. With that in mind, take a look at the latest Pew poll:

Barack Obama’s job approval rating has tumbled since shortly after his re-election, as the public’s economic expectations for the coming year have soured. Despite substantial public awareness of recent gains in the stock market and rebounding real-estate values, the percentage saying economic conditions will get worse over the next year has risen to its highest point in nearly eight years.

Obama’s job approval measure has fallen eight points since December, from 55% to 47%. His rating is comparable to George W. Bush’s (45%) at the same point early in his second term and is much lower than Bill Clinton’s 60% rating in February 1997.

This is good news for hipsters, because as fewer and fewer people like Obama, the cooler he will become. Like Girls on HBO.

(Hat tip: Michael Warren)

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