Rubio Tangled Up at Border

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Here’s Designated Tea Party Sellout Pied Piper Marco Rubio, quoted in Mike Allen’s Playbook, agitating for a big guest worker program:

“A lot of it is going to hinge on the viability of a guest worker program. There are elements in organized labor that don’t want one. I think, really, that’s going to become the critical issue in this debate … whether we can create a viable guest worker program that protects American workers, but also ensures that in the future [if] we need foreign labor for limited periods of time, we’re able to access that in a legal way. Because if we don’t have a program like that in place, we’re going to have 10 million illegal immigrants here in a decade again.” [E.A.]

Wait. Another 10 million illegal immigrants in a decade? But I thought the border was secure! And Latin Americans don’t want to come and work here anymore anyway! That’s why, we’re told, there’s no risk that amnesty itself will attract another wave of illegal immigration, despite the historic precedent (e.g. what happened after the 1986 amnesty).  …

This is the same contradiction they tried to sneak past Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan in 2007. He wasn’t buying it. … But nobody’s going to call BS on Rubio because, hey, everybody’s for amnesty now, right? …

Mickey Kaus