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Texas 99 Percenters driven to suicide while seeking wealth redistribution

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As you read the following story, remember: Guns don’t stop crime.

KDFW in Dallas-Ft. Worth:

Two would-be robbers are dead after an attempted home invasion in Maypearl, but the homeowner is not the one who killed them.

Investigators believe the gunmen were on a crime-spree that started outside of Oklahoma City and ended in Maypearl.

A woman was home alone when two suspects, heavily armed with guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition, reportedly attempted to enter her home.

Deputies say the woman was home and heard the door knob rattling. She said she saw a man dressed in camouflage then she called her husband to alert him someone was trying to break in.

When the husband arrived home there was an exchange of gunfire. The two suspects were found dead…

Deputies say both men killed themselves…

“It took us a while to get out here. You know how far it is and we’re not sure if we would have had the same outcome had the homeowners not been armed,” said Lt. James Saulter with the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office.

What is it about Texas? It’s like they all think they have the right to defend themselves, instead of waiting for the proper authorities to show up and draw the chalk outlines.

These two innocent young men wouldn’t have been able to borrow those guns and ammunition in the first place if they were made illegal. Then the two youngsters could’ve just talked things over with the “owner” of the home, and they could’ve come to a mutual agreement about how much of his “property” would be redistributed. They wouldn’t have been so terrified by this crazy gun nut that they had to resort to suicide.

But just try telling that to the baby-killers at the NRA.

Meanwhile, back in civilization: Andrew Cuomo is fine-tuning his new gun law a little bit.

(Hat tip: Bryan Preston)

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