Ammo vs. Amnesty in the MSM

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Not optics, hydraulics: National Journal ‘s Ron Fournier is angry that the MSM isn’t making a big enough fuss over the demise of the assault weapons ban:

The ban on assault weapons sponsored by Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California apparently died Tuesday with barely a whisper from media outlets or the White House. Black bunting should have hung from every window in Washington.

Compare with the rending of garments and fingerpointing that would accompany the failure of “comprehensive immigration reform.” …Of course, in this the press is only following Obama administration priorities, which  have always privileged amnesty over gun control. ((1) It’s way more important, given the limited efficacy of gun control measures;(2) it’s closer to having enough votes; and (3) as Mark Krikorian notes,  once the influx of new Latino voters pushes the electorate to the left, Dems can probably get the gun control they want.)

You wonder, though, if the MSM Central command hasn’t outsmarted itself. Under the kausfiles hydraulic/dysfunctional family theory of Washington politics,** Republicans are less likely to vote for the Dems’ immigration amnesty if they are frustrated and pissed off at the administration and need “a win.” They’re more likely to cave if they can point to other, satisfying triumphs over the President and his party. In theory, blocking various gun control measures should be such a GOP victory. But it’s not really satisfying if the MSM doesn’t howl, is it?

If the press wants to most effectively help Obama, it will take Fournier’s advice. Hang the bunting, wail and gnash teeth over the defeat of Feinstein on guns by medieval right-wingers, as if it had been a devastating surprise. You’d think they could at least fake it.  … 


** –Also stolen from Krikorian.

Mickey Kaus