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Another Democrat caught taking pics of his stimulus package?

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Look out, Anthony Weiner. Another member of your party is taking the pole position.

Daily Mail:

A state representative in Massachussetts is being investigated after allegedly sending pictures of his genitals to a government computer.

The investigation is ongoing and the committee has not formally reprimanded the individual in charge, but it is being widely reported that Democratic State Representative John Fresolo is the one behind the scandal.

He allegedly sent ‘lascivious photos of his privates’ to a computer at the State House, and an aide complained to the Ethics Committee to start the investigation…

Though he was curt and dismissive when a reporter from The Republican newspaper called him, he did not deny the claims.

‘I’m going to hang up now, but I want you to know I am not resigning,’ he said.

This is not his first scandal, as he has a history of violence towards his family members that has put him in trouble with social services.

In 2005 he reportedly physically abused his then-13-year-old daughter, and that came nearly a decade after he was arrested for beating his then-wife in 1996. She later dropped the charges.

There’s a perfectly good explanation for all of this: He’s a creep.

Here he is, ladies:

(Hat tip: Ace)