The immense power of the FGCU Chicken Dance [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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The Florida Gulf Coast Eagles are the talk of the NCAA Tournament.

They took down No. 2 seed Georgetown in the first round. Convincingly.

Then, they became the first No. 15 seed in NCAA Tournament history to move on to the Sweet 16, following their beat-down on San Diego State.

Both games ended up being 10-point FGCU victories.

Both felt a lot more lopsided than a 10-point margin.

Quick facts:

FGCU enrolled its first student in 1997, meaning the school is younger than all of its athletes.

Its head coach opted out of a million-dollar job on Wall Street because he wanted to be a head coach. Also, his wife is a former fashion model, so worst case scenario was he stinks at coaching but still has a supermodel wife. Turns out he’s pretty good.

Any more you need to know?

Just one thing: they love the chicken dance.

Highlights of the FGCU run are below. For those of you who understandably just want to see the chicken dance, here you go.


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