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Yet another Dem gets caught with his pants down

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Just last week we learned that Massachusetts Democrat John Fresolo pulled a Weiner. Now one of his fellow Democrats in New Jersey is getting in on the act.

NY Post:

A powerful New Jersey Democrat who’s being touted as the party’s next state chairman has an insatiable lust for bondage, oral sex and spanking, secret e-mails obtained by The Post reveal.

Assemblyman Joe Cryan, of Union, graphically spelled out his kinky proclivities in more than 150 e-mails that he sent to a lobbyist — and then fought to keep them hidden after he stunned the state political world by having her busted for stalking in 2006…

“What do you want to be spanked with?” the lascivious lawmaker asked Golding in an inappropriate workday exchange that spanned 14 hours on June 28, 2004…

“Available for a bj this morning?” Cryan lustfully queried. “I’m really hard and horny.”

The e-mails were written when the pol presumably would have been at one of his government jobs — either his $49,000-a-year Assembly gig or his $111,000-a-year post as Union County undersheriff…

“Tell me about your preference . . . knees . . . stairs?” On all fours as I stand?” he asked on June 11, 2004…

“Or hands tied to a bedpost as you stand? Dressed appropriately, of course.”

Cryan’s idea of appropriate dress included “leather and boots . . . nipple clamps . . . easy-access skirt . . . Playboy-like lingerie.”

So, it’s pretty much like my workaday conversations with Matt Labash, except we’re not bilking any taxpayers in the process.

And then, the best quote of all:

“You delete these e-mails, right?”


Here he is, gals:

And in light of this news, his most recent tweet is a bit ironic:

He knows a few other great ways to celebrate it. You just have to promise to delete the e-mails.


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