Mr. T pities that puck! Takes part in Blackhawks intermission challenge [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Fear not, world, Mr. T remains amazing.

Mr. T was last night’s Chicago Blackhawks shoot-the-puck challenge celebrity representative.

Not only did he make a goal during the challenge, he also gave a vintage Mr. T interview before taking his three shots on goal.

His predictions for the challenge?

“Pain!” he growled, quoting his famous line from “Rocky III” before his character, Clubber Lang, took on Rocky Balboa.

“I pity that puck! I pity it!” he added before flaunting his trademark growl and calling the sideline reporter by the wrong name.

Coaches may not want to show the video to their players since Mr. T openly denounced the strategies of practicing and preparation when the sideline reporter asked him if he had prepped for the event.

“All this extra practice and stuff, it don’t make no sense,” said Mr. T before making one of his three shots.


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