Tiger’s ‘Winning takes care of everything’ Nike ad criticized

Stuart Dezenhall | Contributor

Nike has come out with a new ad with the words “Winning takes care of everything” in front of a squatting Tiger Woods.


Perhaps Nike and Tiger have gone a little too far with this one.

Many fans may recall a little dust up a few years back involving Tiger Woods, his wife, a golf-club beaten car, multiple extramarital affairs, and the phrase “sex addict” being tossed around.

Woods is about three years removed from his exile from golf due to these indiscretions and appears to be back at the top of his game just in time for this year’s Masters.

Nike and Tiger may have gotten a little cocky with this “winning takes care of everything” slogan, which seems to imply that it doesn’t really matter if you have extramarital affairs and public scandals as long as you win.

While there is certainly a lot of truth to the slogan, it may be a little brazen to come right out and say it. Sure we cheered on Michael Jordan despite the gambling issues. Sure Mike Vick got a $100 million contract after his dog fighting scandal. Sure Tiger is back to being more likable now that he has his No. 1 ranking back.

Thing is, MJ and Vick didn’t do ad campaigns basking in their returns to glory in the face of scandals that had turned off a lot of fans.

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