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Brandon Darby: Total media control by the left has not crushed the right [VIDEO]

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In the final part of his exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, former progressive activist Brandon Darby discusses what gives him hope for the future.

“These people on the left have had complete control of all of our media, all of our movies … everything. The news, what we saw, what we thought was an issue, who got called out and who didn’t, they have had complete control for decades at least … most of that time us not even realizing they had control over it and so it’s only been the last few years that we’ve started to enter that world and call them out and do things.”

“If these people, can have complete control for that many decades and still only get 53% of the nation to vote for them, they’re in trouble,” he continued.

Darby came to prominence as an FBI informant who testified in court about the conspiracy to bomb the 2008 GOP convention with homemade Molotov cocktails. He then became an outspoken critic of his former compatriots and their actions.

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