DREAMers Tip Hand

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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A group called the Dream Action Coalition protested  when four members of the Gang of 8 staged a visit/photo op at the Mexican border:

“It doesn’t make sense that, at a time when we have net zero undocumented immigration and are trying to attract talent to fill positions to create new jobs and taxpayers, we are focusing on detention centers and border security more than infrastructure and creating a better environment for small businesses to grow.”

Why are DREAMers protesting border security? The ideology of DREAMers is that they were brought here through no fault of their own when they were young. America is the only country they’ve known!  What’s their interest in having that country try to stop others from being placed in their cruel predicament, unless they’re ideologues committed to a continued flow of the undocumented they don’t really recognize a border at all they’re not exactly buying into the alleged “comprehensive” bargain, which is supposedly amnesty in exchange for enforcement, and they’ll agitate to undemine it as soon as the amnesty part takes effect (which, in the case of the Gang of 8 plan, is immediately)?. … P.S.: “[T}rying to attract talent to fill positions”? Is that your description of the current state of the U.S. economy? …

Mickey Kaus