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And now for something completely dilithium

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Depending on what time you read this post, the following videogame advertisement may have already gone viral. So I figured I should post it now, while it’s still “cool”:

Now that’s how you make fun of Star Trek. And it didn’t cost the taxpayers a cent.

Looks like the game uses the likenesses of the new guys, which makes Shatner’s participation in the ad campaign all the more unexpected. Didn’t he refuse to appear in the reboot because the part they wrote for him wasn’t big enough? Didn’t he think it was beneath his dignity? Yeah, he did. And yet here he is.

Well, it’s all worked out for the best. I much prefer Ironic, Self-Deprecating Shatner to “I’m Still Kirk” Shatner. With this, he’s finally passed the torch. To himself. Or something.

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Jim Treacher