Google’s April Fools’ Day jokes revealed

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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Google began April Fools’ Day early by unveiling some of its pranks on Sunday, which include launching a scent-based search engine and shutting down YouTube,  among other fake announcements.

Users of Google Analytics reported seeing web traffic from the International Space Station Sunday afternoon. The number of astronauts allegedly visiting a user’s page totaled 41, which represents April 1, or April Fools’ Day.

Google also launched a beta product called Google Nose. Google Nose, if it were real, would allow users to search for various smells, including “wet dog,” “horse manure” and “locker room.”

The search engine also announced that it was launching a treasure map mode for Google Maps to allow users to help find the hidden treasure of pirate Captain Kidd.

YouTube was also said to be shutting down so that an intensive eight-year evaluation could commence to determine the greatest video ever uploaded.

Past examples of the search giant’s annual April Fools’ Day pranks have included the roll out of an 8-bit Nintendo-style version of Google maps, supposedly putting all YouTube videos on DVD and the creation of self-driving NASCAR race cars.

Google caused a stir on Easter Sunday and upset conservative Christians when the company’s Doodle animation honored labor leader Cesar Chavez instead of Jesus Christ.

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