Weather Underground killer Kathy Boudin now works for two Manhattan universities

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Convicted murderer and longtime Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin is currently the Sheinberg Scholar-in-Residence at New York University’s School of Law, reports the New York Post.

Last month, she lectured at the law school on “the politics of parole and re-entry.”

Strangely, the NYU Law page describing Boudin fails to mention her past as a domestic terrorist or her status as a parolee.

The Columbia University School of Social Work has also employed Boudin, 69, as an adjunct professor – since 2008. The Ivy League school’s bio page for the adjunct professor also fails to mention her past as a convicted thief and murderer.

On Oct. 20, 1981, Boudin participated in a brazen, grossly bungled $1.6 million Brinks truck heist along with members of the Black Liberation Army, a militant black nationalist group. She also survived a massive 1970 Greenwich Village townhouse explosion, in which a bomb intended for a dance for soldiers in New Jersey went off prematurely and killed three people.

The botched robbery resulted in the murder of a Brinks guard and two police officers. She served as getaway driver, and allegedly left her infant child with a babysitter before the robbery began. She was 38 years old.

After she failed embarrassingly in her getaway-driver role, Boudin hired prominent leftist attorney Leonard Weinglass and copped a plea to felony murder and robbery. She spent 22 years in a maximum security prison before her parole in 2003.

The Post contacted Josephine Paige, the 74-year-old widow of Peter Paige, a father of three and one of the men killed in the robbery.

“She doesn’t deserve a job at all,” Paige declared. “She doesn’t deserve anything, nothing at all. I think she should be back in an institution.”

“Nine children grew up without their dads because of her actions,” added John Hanchar, the nephew of slain police officer Edward O’Grady, according to the Post.

Boudin herself reportedly had no comment.

Columbia School of Social Work Associate Dean Marianne Yoshioka hired Boudin as an adjunct in 2008. According to the Post, Yoshioka called the convicted murderer “an excellent teacher who gets incredible evaluations from her students each year.”

Boudin’s teaching involves an area of her expertise. So, obviously, it’s not bomb-making or getaway-car driving. Instead, it’s the problems criminals and their family members face when they leave prison.

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