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Yet another hardnosed reporter mercilessly interrogates Michelle Obama

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If you’re wondering why the Obama administration prefers to be interviewed by the likes of Entertainment Tonight and 60 Minutes, rather than anybody who might ask a tough question, the following exchange should clarify:

Entertainment Tonight Reporter-Type Person: People used to look at JFK like, “Ooh, he’s sexy.” And then it was Bill Clinton.

Michelle Obama: Uh-huh.

ETD: And now it’s your husband, President Barack Obama, is looked upon, women across the country, as a sex symbol. What do you think of…?

MO: He’s got a little swag, y’know? That’s okay, I mean, I’m proud of him. But no, he’s a stylish, I think, man who is healthy, and he’s smart, and he’s passionate, and he’s inspiring. And who wouldn’t fall in love with that, y’know?

Please note that a 49-year-old woman just said “he’s got a little swag.”

But kudos to the First Lady for holding up under such intense questioning. It’s too bad the press ignores Obama’s piercing intellect, his astonishing rhetorical gifts, and his unparalleled athletic prowess. His raw animal magnetism is only the beginning. The press needs to start telling us about all the other reasons Obama is the most amazing human being who has ever lived, or ever will.

Was that okay? Do you think he’ll like it? OMG, I hope he likes it!

(Hat tip: Charlie Spiering)

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