Lululemon will not tolerate people who cannot identify sheer yoga pants

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After the world’s most fabulous yoga wear brand, Lululemon, announced there would be a shortage of black yoga pants, “Real Housewives” everywhere were distraught. (RELATED: There will soon be a shortage of the world’s most expensive and fabulous yoga pants)

Lululemon recalled the black Luon pant, which accounts for 17 percent of the brand’s pants, after a large shipment was deemed too sheer and y “fell short” of the company’s “very high [a.k.a.: expensive as hell] standards.”

Not to worry, because now Lululemon has found a person to blame YogaGate 2013 on.

The company — which gets away with highway robbery by selling $98 yoga pants — announced Wednesday that Chief Product Officer Sheree Waterson would be “stepping down” April 15, according to Bloomberg.

CEO Christine Day said last month during a press call that the pants went through the same standards test as all of the company’s pants do, by having employees bend over to make sure you can’t see their butt cracks.

“The truth of the matter is the only way you can actually test for the issue is to put the pants on and bend over,” Day said. “Just putting the pants on themselves doesn’t solve the problem. It passed all of the basic metric tests and the hand-feel is relatively the same, so it was very difficult for the factories to isolate the issue, and it wasn’t until we got in the store and started putting it on people that we could actually see the issue.”

After the sheer pants were recalled, the company’s stock immediately fell by 3.8 percent, and went down another 5.2 percent in after-hours trading.

After Waterson’s departure was announced, Lululemon’s stock rose 1.2 percent.

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