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Making fun of Meghan McCain is misogynistic, because she’s a woman

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That’s how it works. That’s the rule. Well, as long as the woman is a liberal.

Noah Rothman reports:

Described as a cross between Meet the Press meets Jackass, Raising McCain is the name for Meghan McCain‘s latest vehicle. On Thursday, FishbowlNY spoke to Evan Shapiro, the president [of] McCain’s new network, pivot (no, they don’t capitalize the ‘P’). Shapiro told FishbowlNY that they expect McCain to resonate with a new generation of television watchers. “Millennials view her as an authentic person and respond to her outspokenness and transparency,” Shapiro said. “When pivot ‘focus grouped’ McCain’s viability, respondents concurred…”

Shapiro lashed out at Tucker Carlson, the co-creator of The Daily Caller, which recently published a cartoon featuring McCain in a low-cut top and mocking her for being inarticulate. Shapiro called the cartoon “disgusting and misogynistic.”

“A guy in his position to have said the things he did should be ashamed of himself,” Shapiro added of Carlson himself.

First of all, it’s not a cartoon. It’s a picture McCain posted herself, with word balloons pasted on top of it. Here it is again, if you haven’t seen what they’re talking about:

Second of all, reading a byline is too much work, apparently.

Third of all, how is it “misogynistic”? If I posted a picture of myself with my testicles hanging out, I’d have to expect that, as ample and well-formed as they are, nonetheless somebody might make fun of me for doing so. It wouldn’t be misandrist, just because I’m a man. It’d be funny, because I’m an idiot.

Note to Meghan McCain: You are not a victim. You are a child of wealth and privilege. Y’know… a One-Percenter. You might want to try to enjoy it, instead of screaming like a baby whenever somebody hurts your feelings. But then, that wouldn’t be as much fun for the rest of us.

As for Pivot — oh, sorry, pivot — look on the bright side, you guys. A year from now, nobody will even remember you existed, let alone that you gave Meghan McCain her own show. The growing panic and shame you’re feeling right now will fade with time.

And who knows? Maybe you can sell your dumb channel to some oil billionaires!

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Jim Treacher