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TSA: Totally Shirking the Assignment

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If I’m going to criticize cops when they don’t do their jobs, I should also recognize when they do.

Especially when they’re off the clock.

I don’t blame that TSA worker for not being able to handle this nut on her own. But what about all her colleagues, standing around like a bunch of dopes while she’s being attacked? Why did it take an off-duty cop to do something about it?

And what if he hadn’t been a cop? What if an “ordinary” citizen did that? Would he be arrested? I feel like he would be arrested. Maybe not.

Don’t worry, America. You can still count on the TSA to protect you… from old ladies in wheelchairs. From confused little kids screaming in fear. Anything beyond that and you’d better hope there’s a professional around.

(Hat tip: SacBee)

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Jim Treacher