Limbaugh: Melissa Harris-Perry’s collective remarks ‘as old as communist genocide’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Monday radio program, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh reacted to an MSNBC commercial featuring one of its hosts, Melissa Harris-Perry, a professor at Tulane University. In that ad, she describes children as the property of the collective.

And despite the controversy that has come out since the commercial first aired recently, Limbaugh explained that her idea is nothing new. What is new, he said, is the fact it is being openly discussed.

“Some of you hear this and you’re livid, and you’re outraged,” Limbaugh said. “The thing that I really want to impress upon you is that this is not far out. This is not new. It is unusual. It used to be … what’s new is she has total confidence in saying it. She’s not worried that a majority of people are going to disagree with it. But this is Marx, Engels, ‘The Communist Manifesto.’ The nuclear family has always been under attack by communists, by leftists. The nuclear family has always, just like religion, must be destroyed and in its place, the community, collective. So while this is outrageous in its self-contained form, it isn’t anything new.”

Limbaugh took the idea Harris-Perry articulated to its logical extreme to show that the idea is straight out of the tenets of communism.

“So how does this manifest itself? So you need your yard mowed, what do you do?” he continued. “You go knock on the door down the street — your kid that you don’t own. I do today. For the next hour, your kid is going to mow my yard. And then after that, my trash needs taking out and after that I need somebody to go to the grocery store for me and my kid’s tied up, so I’m claiming your kid. How does this work?”

“What is the practical application?” he continued. “But what she is saying — Melissa Harris-Perry, what she is saying here is as old as communist genocide. But the fact that it is said in America on a cable news channel and is considered fairly benign is what has changed. What has changed is that this really — people believe this. This isn’t that big a deal. That is what’s changed, folks.”

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