Leaked sexts that got ‘The Bible’ executive producer fired [SLIDESHOW]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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“The Bible” Executive Producer Scott Sassa was fired from the media giant Hearst Corporation in March after Hearst executives learned of some pretty desperate text messages between Sassa and an escort (that’s polite for hooker).

Business Insider was able to obtain the texts where Sassa asked for sex from “Kira” on Christmas night. He offers “molly” — a pure form of MDMA and cocaine — to get her to come to the W Hotel for their rendezvous.

In March, a man claiming to be Kira’s boyfriend went to Hearst and sent them screenshots of the exchange between Kira and the Hearst president of entertainment and syndication. Sassa, a Los Angeles native, is single, and the exchange with “Kira” took place after business hours on a national holiday. Nevertheless, Hearst fired Sassa, who had been pulling down a reported $6 million annual salary.

Sassa, 54, is a former president of NBC Entertainment, with stints at Friendster, Marvel Entertainment Group and other media companies under his belt. His most notable accomplishment at Hearst may have been executive producing “The Bible,” a successful miniseries on the History Channel, though he also cut lucrative deals with the Lifetime Network and ESPN. He’s also a friend of those pillars of morality, the Kardashians.

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